Sunday, October 26, 2014

A greenhouse for the green and white!

I am incredibly excited about an interdisciplinary project that our students have embarked on this fall and what it can mean for our learners of the future. Throughout the fall months, students have been busy building a new greenhouse funded by the Winthrop Education Corporation (WEC). Students in our Horticulture and Building Construction classes, under the direction of Mr. Fecteau and Mr. MacArthur respectively, have been working tirelessly constructing a new greenhouse for our school. Members of both classes have been involved in the planning, design, construction of a building located behind our concession/storage garage. This opportunity has allowed our learners to work as a team in both our Science and Technology Education departments. The goal is to have this building complete prior to the Winter months to allow for students to begin growing food to be used in our School Nutrition Program and the community at-large. 

I am really excited for this opportunity for students observe how food it is grown, where it comes from, and eventually how it is served to them.  I anticipate that many great things will come from this. Again, many thanks to the Winthrop Education Corporation in supporting our students in Winthrop.

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