Monday, January 26, 2015

Student of the Month- December 2014

Congratulations to Ben Allen, our December Student of the Month! Here are a few inspiring words about Ben Allen from Mr. Ed Van Tassel, Physical Education/Health teacher, who nominated him for this distinguished award:

"It brings me great pleasure to recognize Winthrop High Schools December Student of the Month.

I have often shied away from nominating students due to the fact I, myself, would prefer not to be in the spotlight.  And, I feel this individual also tries to stay out of the limelight, but the quality of his or her character and the magnitude of his or her achievements just do not allow for this.

December's Student of the Month can be described as a hardworking, appreciative, and respectful citizen who is willing to step up and face any challenge head on, whether that challenge be in the classroom, in the athletic world or in a leadership role.  I would like to take a minute to highlight some of these areas.

This student just gets the job done and not just the easy stuff.  This student sets big difficult goals and works really hard toward them.  When receiving a recommendation to take an easier math class, this student took the harder road and had to work diligently to make it.  This student takes the initiative to get extra help and makes up assessments. 

A kind word or deed is also something that is often associated with this individual.  This students is always polite and respectful in the classroom and appreciates the people who have invested time into his or her.

This student has stepped up whenever a leader has been needed.  As president for the Class of 2015, he helped orchestrate a winter carnival upset, giving hope to all future underclassmen.  Ben Allen's  leadership also shows up on the sports' teams that he has been a part of.  Every coach you talk to will echo that he is one of the hardest workers.  He leads by example at every practice, game, team dinner, and in the hallways of our school.

These characteristics, qualities and behaviors are what make Ben a leader and role model in our school, and it is my pleasure to be a voice for the Faculty of Winthrop High School to honor Ben Allen as December's Student of the Month."

Well done Ben!

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