Saturday, February 14, 2015

Unified Basketball Team

What a great time to watch Winthrop Basketball! Recently, Winthrop High School has partnered with the Maine Principals' Association and Special Olympics Maine in the development and promotion of Unified Sports. The Unified Sports Committee are committed to offering the first ever MPA Unified Basketball season that began in January. Unified Basketball partners students with developmental disabilities (Unified Student Athlete) with students without developmental disabilities (Unified Student Partners) to train, compete and represent Winthrop High School. This partnership helps promote physical activity, teamwork, sportsmanship and social inclusion. Winthrop High School is honored to participate in this partnership and are very proud to support our athletes. Please see the schedule below and come support our Ramblers!!!!

Unified Basketball Schedule- Winthrop High School

Date Function Time
Jan. 26th Practice 2:15-3:00
Jan. 29th Practice 2:15-3:00
Feb. 2nd Practice 2:15-3:30
Feb. 4th Practice 2:15-3:30
Feb. 9th Game vs OH 4:00
Feb. 10th Practice 2:15-3:00
Feb. 11th Game vs Oceanside 4:00
Feb. 17th Practice 1:00-2:00
Feb. 19th Practice 1:00-2:00
Feb. 23rd Game vs Cony 4:00
Feb. 25th Practice 2:15-3:30
Feb. 27th Practice 2:15-3:30
March 2nd Practice 2:15-3:30
March 3rd Game vs Messolanskee 4:00
March 6th Playoffs TBD

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