Tuesday, March 31, 2015

KV Music Festival

Students and staff would like to congratulate and wish the best of luck to Teresa Easterbrooks, Lilly Beauregard, Liz Ward, and Jasper Williams who will be representing Winthrop High School at the Kennebec Valley Music Festival this Friday, April 2nd and Saturday, April 3rd at Mt. Blue High School. You make us proud! 

Expectations for 4th Quarter

As we begin our last quarter of the year on April 6th, teachers and administrators have been working tirelessly in developing small improvements in our academic expectations. Beginning Monday, the following guidelines will govern all students in the respective grades below:

Decisions to beginning fourth quarter of 2015-

1. (Grades 9-12) Tutorial teachers will begin reviewing the grades of their students. Upon seeing deficiencies in either traditional grades or scores on standards the tutorial teacher will make contact with the respective subject teacher.

2. (Grades 9-12) Students with deficiencies are not to be using their computers in tutorial unless the teacher in the subject area in which the student is deficient requests the use for work on projects or assignments.

3. (Grades 9-12) Students may be required to forgo their tutorial if a class in which they are deficient in meets at the same time.  At that time, teachers may request that the student be in their class for additional help.

4. (Grade 9) Those 9th grade students who are proficient in at least 90% but less than 100% of the assessed standards in each class will be required to attend school on June 16th.  At that time the student and teacher(s) will devise a plan by which the student may be able to do work over the summer to potentially earn credit for the course.  All assigned work will be scored and a determination of earning credit will be made within the first two weeks of the following academic year.

*Deficiencies are defined as a failing grade and/or score below proficiency (3) in any class.

I appreciate the support from teachers and families as we move to improve our academic program at Winthrop High School.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Thank You Career Day Presenters!

The students of Winthrop High School would like to thank all of the presenters for arranging their schedules to spend time with us at our Career day on March 20, 2015. Their willingness to share information with our staff and students about their career was one of the main ingredients in making our Career Day a success.

Presenters that made our Career Day a success:

Mr. Brian Berry- Accounting
Mr. Peter Precourt- Artist
Mr. Carl Caprara- Business
Mr. Thomas Johnson- Computer Technician
Mr. Dave Audet- Construction
Ms. Kim Stoneton- Cosmetology
Mr. Dick Dyer- Theatre
Mr. Dan Kaplan- Electrician
Chief John Dovinski and EMS crew- Emergency Medical Technicians
Mr. Greg Chamberland- Engineering
Chief Dan Brooks- Mechanics
Mr. Scott Monroe- Journalism
Mr. Tavis Hasenfus, Esq.- Attorney
Dr. Jen McConnell- Physician
SSG Robbins and SFC Blackwell- Military
Mrs. Julie Nuce, RN- Nursing
Mrs. Darcy Sekerak- Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy
Mr. Dick Guerette- Plumbing and Heating
Mr. Tyler Arsenault- Firefighter
Chief Joseph Young- Police Officer
Dr. Dick Kauffman- Psychologist
Mrs. Pat Ladd- Real Estate
Mrs. Cathy MacMillan- Scientist
Me- Teacher
Mr. Steve Allaire- Game Warden
Ms. Erin Dow- Culinary Arts
Officer Colt Bernhardt- Kennebec County Sheriffs Department
Mr. CJ McKenna- 2 Year College Admissions
Mr. Nick Ray- 4 Year College Admissions

Our students appreciate your interest in our effort to learn more about careers and the world of work. In fact, we hope we can call again to share more of your expertise with us.

Student of the month- Megan Chamberland- February 2015!

Student of the Month – February 2015

Congratulations to Megan Chamberland for being voted by the faculty of Winthrop High School as student of the month for February 2015! Below is an excerpt from Trudy Hanson about Megan and her accomplishments....

     "Our Student of the Month is a well-rounded student who takes her job of being a student seriously, but knows how to have fun when the time is right.   Several of her teachers noted that in class she is focused on the task they are working on, completes all of her assignments, and seeks assistance when needed.  She participates in class.  They report that she is a delight to have in class. 
     She is an involved citizen by participating in athletics and extra-curricular activities.  She plays on the field hockey and tennis teams.  She is a member of the Math Team and Latin Club.  She serves as class president.  In that role, she organizes and leads in her quiet, thoughtful way.   Earlier this year, she organized a bottle drive as a fundraiser for the class.  She also dedicated a great deal of time to helping the advisors with organizing the class for events for Winter Carnival.  Her calm and steady ways are amazing to watch whether on the court, the field, in the classroom or in her personal life.  

     It is with great pleasure that I congratulate February’s Student of the Month, Megan Chamberland."