Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Expectations for 4th Quarter

As we begin our last quarter of the year on April 6th, teachers and administrators have been working tirelessly in developing small improvements in our academic expectations. Beginning Monday, the following guidelines will govern all students in the respective grades below:

Decisions to beginning fourth quarter of 2015-

1. (Grades 9-12) Tutorial teachers will begin reviewing the grades of their students. Upon seeing deficiencies in either traditional grades or scores on standards the tutorial teacher will make contact with the respective subject teacher.

2. (Grades 9-12) Students with deficiencies are not to be using their computers in tutorial unless the teacher in the subject area in which the student is deficient requests the use for work on projects or assignments.

3. (Grades 9-12) Students may be required to forgo their tutorial if a class in which they are deficient in meets at the same time.  At that time, teachers may request that the student be in their class for additional help.

4. (Grade 9) Those 9th grade students who are proficient in at least 90% but less than 100% of the assessed standards in each class will be required to attend school on June 16th.  At that time the student and teacher(s) will devise a plan by which the student may be able to do work over the summer to potentially earn credit for the course.  All assigned work will be scored and a determination of earning credit will be made within the first two weeks of the following academic year.

*Deficiencies are defined as a failing grade and/or score below proficiency (3) in any class.

I appreciate the support from teachers and families as we move to improve our academic program at Winthrop High School.

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