Monday, March 23, 2015

Thank You Career Day Presenters!

The students of Winthrop High School would like to thank all of the presenters for arranging their schedules to spend time with us at our Career day on March 20, 2015. Their willingness to share information with our staff and students about their career was one of the main ingredients in making our Career Day a success.

Presenters that made our Career Day a success:

Mr. Brian Berry- Accounting
Mr. Peter Precourt- Artist
Mr. Carl Caprara- Business
Mr. Thomas Johnson- Computer Technician
Mr. Dave Audet- Construction
Ms. Kim Stoneton- Cosmetology
Mr. Dick Dyer- Theatre
Mr. Dan Kaplan- Electrician
Chief John Dovinski and EMS crew- Emergency Medical Technicians
Mr. Greg Chamberland- Engineering
Chief Dan Brooks- Mechanics
Mr. Scott Monroe- Journalism
Mr. Tavis Hasenfus, Esq.- Attorney
Dr. Jen McConnell- Physician
SSG Robbins and SFC Blackwell- Military
Mrs. Julie Nuce, RN- Nursing
Mrs. Darcy Sekerak- Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy
Mr. Dick Guerette- Plumbing and Heating
Mr. Tyler Arsenault- Firefighter
Chief Joseph Young- Police Officer
Dr. Dick Kauffman- Psychologist
Mrs. Pat Ladd- Real Estate
Mrs. Cathy MacMillan- Scientist
Me- Teacher
Mr. Steve Allaire- Game Warden
Ms. Erin Dow- Culinary Arts
Officer Colt Bernhardt- Kennebec County Sheriffs Department
Mr. CJ McKenna- 2 Year College Admissions
Mr. Nick Ray- 4 Year College Admissions

Our students appreciate your interest in our effort to learn more about careers and the world of work. In fact, we hope we can call again to share more of your expertise with us.

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