Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bailey Public Library

Thank you, Mario!!!
Mario Meucci, a senior student at Winthrop High School, gave recognition to the efforts of those involved in the expansion of the Bailey Public Library. Mario, a student in Mr. MacArthur's furniture construction class, presented his project on Thursday, May 21st with pride. In Mario's words, "Good morning. I’d like to welcome Richard Fortin from the Bailey Public Library and the trustees to Winthrop High School. I am happy to be able to present this lectern to them. When Mr. Morin first brought this project to Mr. Mac, right away, I took the lead role in production. I thought it would be cool to make something that would mean a lot to the community and be used for many years to come. I selected birch for the main wood in this lectern because you find the same birch wood at Norcross Point. I would like to give a special thanks to Mr. MacArthur for his guidance and to Mr. Fortin and the trustees who give so much of their time to the community and have helped the Town of Winthrop build the new library addition.  In closing, I sincerely hope that everyone at the library gets as much enjoyment from using it as I did from making it."

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