Sunday, May 7, 2017

I will miss you....students and staff at Winthrop High School

I have held off long enough to announce that I will be vacating the position of principal at the end of June. I have accepted a new position at RSU 18 as assistant superintendent beginning in July of 2017. As a proud Rambler for the past nine years, I remember beginning my career in education almost nineteen years ago in Winthrop as a classroom student teacher in 1999. In 2008, I was able to join the fantastic group of talented staff at the Middle and High School as assistant principal, then later in 2012 as principal of the High School. Throughout my nine years, I have enjoyed every waking moment as a "Winthropian" from "away" and will always cherish my memories in working with staff and students in are the best. I am thoroughly exited to begin a new career and challenge and could not possibly thank all of the well-wishers for their support over the past couple of weeks. Once a Rambler.....always a Rambler.

April- Student of the month- NATE SCOTT!

Congratulations Nate Scott for being chosen by the faculty as our student of the month for April! Well deserved!

The Per4mers

Congratulations to the Per4mers for the excellent show this week.....we "learned" a lot as a result....Our student's make us proud.

The Barn at Silver Oaks

Thank you Seniors!!!!

"The seniors today were awesome !!!  About 18-20 of them showed up at The Barn at Silver Oaks and did way more work than Mr. Carbona was expecting.  We weren't able to do as much raking as he had hoped due to the wet and mud, but there were about a dozen who even stayed later to finish taking the mulch off two flower beds and putting some new loan down. Most put in at least and hour and half and the rest did two and half hours.  Many students are very excited about the Prom now. " - Mrs. Hanson